What does health tourism mean in the region?

Our health is to be treasured – this sentiment is probably shared by everyone. It is also likely that among our acquaintances most people like to travel and explore new places. If we choose our travel destination well, we can relax and be health conscious at the same time: spas and wellness hotels offer not only ways to rest and recuperate, but also treatments for various medical issues. In the health tourism offers of Bács-Kiskun and Vojvodina everyone can find something for themselves.

It is unquestionable, that the connection between medicine and tourism is important for all of us. The draw of the countryside, programmes, spa culture in Bács-Kiskun and Vojvodina attracts more and more tourists, both domestic and foreign. No wonder, as countless providers offer health tourism related products and services in both regions. Health tourism is a segment of tourism, where travellers are mainly motivated by the improvement or maintenance of their health, i.e. healing or prevention. In Hungary three main areas of health tourism are present: health tourism based on traditional healing factors, wellness tourism, and medical tourism, which has a growing economic significance.

The aim of the Interreg-IPA project is to unite and support service providers, regardless of which are of health tourism they belong to.

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