Where the whole family can relax

Vadkert Lake was already a beloved bathing spot with a curative effect in the time of our ancestors. The safe, shallow water along the lakeshore is expressly ideal for little children, at the same time, swimmers do not need to go far to find deep water. During the summer deck chairs, a sun-bathing stage, spray park, study path, bicycle rental, a 34 km cycle path, paddle boat rental and a fishing lake are available, during the winter the lake operates as a free skating rink, thus offering true relaxation for all age groups throughout the year!

Location: Kossuth l. u. 6, 6230 Soltvadkert, Hungary

Phone: +36 78 581 845


Email: vadkertkomszolg@anet.hu

Website: https://www.vadkerti-to.hu


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