Pačir Spa is a beautifully designed public bathing facility with thermal water in immediate vicinity of Bačka Topola and Subotica. It is one of its kind in Vojvodina and this part of Europe, too.

The warm water of Pačir Spa springs from the depth of 1400 meters and is salty, which makes bathing in it a unique experience. Travelling to the ground surface the water flows to different layers of stones and becomes rich in minerals. It contains Sodium, Iodine, Sulfates, Bromine, and many other minerals that benefit human health. Upon reaching the surface the water is 72°C hot and is being cooled down to 30-35°C.

The water smells of Iodine and other minerals, but you can easily get used to it in a couple of minutes. Apart from the minerals, the lake contains 21-22 grams of salt per liter. According to the contents of water the spa was awarded a certificate of being healing and medicinal. Warm, salty water helps prevent human health and increase the immune system. It has the property of healing different diseases such as dermatological diseases, rheumatism, and post-traumatic conditions.

There is a 2,000-square-meter lake in Pačir Spa. Furthermore, there are two indoor swimming pools that can host up to 200 people and are available even in winter. The swimming pools are shaped like small lakes, and their depth towards the middle part increases up to 1.6 meters. Their bottom is covered in oblique stones that feel comfortable to your feet.

The surrounding area of the lake can host up to 1000 people. Additional facilities include: free parking, Wi-Fi, snacks for children and a restaurant for family lunch.

Location: bb Branka Radičevića St. 24342 Pačir, Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)24 221 510





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