Specialist Hospital for Ophthalmology “Eliksir” is located in Novi Sad and has been an exclusive representative of “Fjodorov” Medical Eye Centre in our country and in the region since 1989.

The hospital boasts the most modern diagnostics equipment, a well-equipped surgical ward, a center for eyesight rehabilitation and treatment of eye diseases in children and adults.

Specialist hospital “Eliksir” regularly hosts the most renowned eye surgeons from “Fjodorov” Medical Eye Center in Kaluga who assist our ophthalmologists in specialist check-ups and post-surgical treatment of patients operated in Russia within “Eliksir” programme called “Getting a better eyesight in Kaluga”.

“Eliksir” has developed a very important cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund which has enabled numerous patients to regain eyesight after cataracts surgical treatment funded by the Fund.

“Eliksir” hospital has contributed a lot to the general healthcare of Serbian citizens having performed over 10,000 surgeries and treatments in the hospital and over 30,000 medical interventions in Russia.

More than 250,000 people have asked for specialist help from “Eliksir” staff and Russian ophthalmologists. Apart from regular check-ups in the hospital, 150,000 free consulting control check-ups have been performed within humanitarian actions directed towards the children of blind and visually impaired parents, pregnant women, pensioners, and socially disadvantaged persons.

Thanks to the partnership with “Fjodorov” Medical Eye Center, “Eliksir” hospital is successful in realizing its mission – applying the most modern methods of diagnostic and treatment and exquisite expertise of medical staff in timely recognition and treatment of eye diseases. The vision of the hospital is to develop medical tourism in Serbia through cooperation of Serbian and Russian ophthalmologists in providing ophthalmological services.

“Eliksir” hospital has started an accreditation process in the Serbian Ministry of Health to grade the quality of medical institution regarding the application of optimal level of healthcare standards.

“Eliksir”– your way to light

Location: 12 Marodićeva St,, 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: +381 21 444 716, +381 65 444 71 66


Email: eliksir@eliksirkaluga.com

Website: http://www.eliksirkaluga.com/


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