Specialized dental office “Repić” was founded in 2004. It is situated in the center of Novi Sad and provides complete patient comfort, coziness and safety. Luxurious space of 100 square meters comprises three dental infirmaries and an operating theatre with top-notch medical equipment.
Business principle of “Repić” Specialist Dental Center is continued education, introduction of innovative techniques in dentistry and surgery for purposes of quality maintenance and constant advancement. We provide all dental services, oral surgery and implant services. Oral surgery comprises jaw surgery, teeth surgery, implant placement, crowns and bridges. Our dental center has more than twenty years of experience in implant services.
All surgery is performed in a modern equipped operating theatre.
“Repić” Specialist Dental Center is open to all patients from entire Europe. Our center has for years had satisfied foreign patients who almost always come back, often bringing their family and friends with them. Besides getting the utmost quality of dental services, they have enjoyed the beauties of Novi Sad and its surroundings. We will be happy to recommend the sights worth visiting. Our specialists will assess the amount of time you need to spend in Novi Sad in order to complete the necessary interventions. Given that our center is situated in the very center of Novi Sad, all important sights are within easy access.
There are two hotels in the neighborhood of our center that offer quality accommodation and food.
Finally, the prices of our services are lower than the prices in the countries of Western Europe. The policy of “Repić” Specialist Dental Center is that the prices are the same for both domestic and foreign patients.

Location: 16 Nikole Pašića St. 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: 021/553 255
021/466 597
065/55 32 553


Email: repicdental@gmail.com

Website: https://repicdental.co.rs/


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