Recreation centre “Adica” is located at the outskirts of Ada residential area, 300m from the centre of the town, on the right from the local road to the Tisa River. The centre is easily accessed either by car, by bicycle or on foot as there is a concrete road to its entrance and a path just next to the football pitch. The centre was named “Adica” on January 1st 1999, when it started operating as a recreational business. The building itself was built in 1981 as a result of an organized endeavour of the citizens and was originally named “Recreation centre”.
It has provided the best possible conditions for entertainment and recreation for guests of all ages. The Olympic-size pool has attracted most attention. Apart from recreational swimming, it provides excellent conditions for swimming competitions and water polo tournaments, which is why it has hosted numerous international competitions. Meanwhile, the third swimming pool was constructed. It provides facilities for pensioners and non-swimmers thus creating a friendly atmosphere for undisturbed recreation of the elderly population. The swimming pool complex features an attractive fountain at the entrance, an artificial lake with mini waterfalls, a cacti garden and a collection of stones.
“Adica” has paid special attention to the decoration and maintenance of the swimming area surroundings. This has been proved by clean pavements, flower gardens, shaded lawns, exotic plants fountains, tables and benches at the disposal of the guests, and last but not least, a number of children toys made of natural materials. The gusts can visit numerous coffee shops or restaurants within the swimming pool complex.
A brand new wellness centre of 2300 square metres should be built soon. The first step in this process relates to collecting project and technical documentation financed by the municipality.

Location: 25b Zmaj Jovina St. 24 430 Ada, Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)24 852 315, +381 (0)24 851 118





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