If you want your children to enjoy the company of the world’s most noble animals – horses, “Pony Corner” in Petrovaradin is just the place for you.
“Pony Corner” is located in “Petras” equestrian club in Petrovaradin Fortress, just 2km away from the city center. It was founded in 2011 as the first pony club in Serbia. The basic idea of the club was to develop children’s the love for horses at early age. The club is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle, love for horses and horse riding as well as to developing people’s awareness of the importance of spending time outdoors and especially in contact with these lovely animals.
“Pony Corner” comprises three paddocks within “Petras” equestrian club. One of the paddocks is used for horse exercise and relaxation, the other is used for horse riding and the third one is a miniature paddock especially designed for a pony named Popeye. Popeye is specially kept for establishing contact with the youngest children. They enjoy cuddling, feeding and spending time with Popeye in this specially designed paddock.
“Pony Corner” hosts educational programs and educational walking tours of the Fortress. The walking tours are thematic, interactive and custom-designed depending on the age of the children. The aim of the walking tours is to teach children of the importance of spending time outdoors, moving in the nature, developing balance, motor skills, and exploring spirit at early childhood.
The club organizes horse riding school for children who are especially fond of horses. In their first contact with horses, the children will take interesting motoric exercises that develop motoric skills and balance and teach them to keep the appropriate body position in the saddle. Lesson by lesson, the children will improve the basics of horse riding while having a lot of fun in the classes. The school is organized by licensed instructors.

Location: nn Honverk, Petrovaradin Fortress Trench Petrovaradin, Serbia

Phone: (+381) 064 12 02 787
(+381) 021 557 103





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