“PARKS – Dr Dragi” Specialist Surgical Clinic was founded in 1993. in Novi Sad, as the first private health clinic with a hospital. The founders of the clinic were awarded their college degrees, professional and scientific titles from the Medical Faculty in Novi Sad and from abroad. More than 10,000 general anesthesia surgeries have been performed so far.
Laparoscopic surgery equipment was purchased in 1995, and staff professional development and training were conducted in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Thus the Clinic has become the first medical institution in Vojvodina performing laparoscopic surgery in their routine procedures. Over the next few years, B. Zagoričnik MD and G. Seničar MD acquired the titles of instructors in this field.
“PARKS” Clinic offers services in the following fields:
• abdominal and endocrine surgery,
• gynaecology
• gynaecological urology,
• oncologic surgery.
There are three interrelated organizational units within the Clinic:
• Ambulance-diagnostic unit – which consists of the reception area, specialist examination rooms and ultrasound diagnostics ward.
• Hospital – bed capacity for 10 patients, with additional rooms for pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery treatment. All rooms are centrally air-conditioned, with TV and Wi-Fi.
• Operating block – containing 2 operating theatres, sterilization and preparation area, the latest monitoring and laparoscopic equipment.

Location: 41 Subotička St. 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: 021/402-539


Email: bolnicaparks@gmail.com

Website: http://www.parks.rs/


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