ORTO-MD Clinic was founded as a result of long-standing aspirations of Prof Dusan Maric, MD and associates to establish a highly specialized facility that follows the latest trends of treatment and prevention in the world and provides services to patients in the field of orthopedics and traumatology, sports medicine locomotor apparatus, regenerative medicine, general practice, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, internal medicine and modern diagnostic procedures.

Regenerative medicine – Stem cell therapies, PRP and Orthokin method

ORTO-MD is one of the clinic in this region with a license for the use of this type of therapy. Our experts conscientiously and diligently work in order to promote and apply regenerative medicine, as evidenced by the successes in the treatment of many diseases and conditions, and satisfied patients.

Orthopedic conditiones treatable by regenerative medicine at our clinic are damaged cartilage of greater degree, osteoarthritis, damage of ligaments and muscles, prolapse or damage to a disc in the perioperative period, the disease and damage to the vertebrae in the context of osteoporosis, fracture, filling bone cysts, the reconstruction of meniscus. Conditiones in children and in adult neurology: cerebral palsy, damaged spinal cord etc.

Location: Futoška 117, 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: + 381 21 382 20 93, + 381 63 129 942


Email: ortopedijamd@gmail.com

Website: https://ortopedijamd.rs/


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