“Ortis” is the longest-serving Serbian specialist orthodontics dental cliic which has offered srvice to a few thousands of patients. The clinic was founded in 2001 by Branislav Vidović, MD Stom., expert in jaw orthopedics and MSc in Dentistry. “Ortis” is the best equipped dental clinic employing a team of experts – specialists and residents in orthodontics, whose expertise, experience and dedication are their primary qualities.

Tretments performed in our clinic include specialist consultancy and support before, during and after the interventions; malocclusion correction in all ages – starting with treatment of the youngest patients to treatment of adults, including preparation for orthognathic surgery, prosthetics, periodonthics, and other dentist treatments.
Instead of using prefabricated comercially used orthodonthic apparatus, we manually devise custom-made orthodhontic appartus based on the requirements of individual treatment, jaw and facial structure of each patient.

“Ortis” Dental Clinic is based in Novi Sad, but its expert team works in Subotica and Sombor, too.

Location: Novi Sad: 11 Vojvode Putnika St.
Sombor: bb Koste Trifkovića Square
Subotica: 16 Petefi Šandora St.

Phone: +381 66 6332796


Email: ordinacija@ortis.co.rs

Website: https://ortis.co.rs/


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