Wandering the ways of the cross

The Hungarian Pilgrimage is a place to recharge the body as well as the spirit, as it links the holy places located in our country on a stretch of aorund 600 km in length, from one national boundary to the other. If anyone steps onto the pilgrimage route, they can experience closeness to nature, simplicity, they can purge their thoughts, experience peace of mind. The “pilgrimage chapels” along the way are always open. Do something for your physical-spiritual refreshment, set out on the Hungarian Pilgrimage in Bács-Kiskun county which offers nearly 200 kilometers of themed roads with refurbished pilgrim accommodations.

Location: Alsó u. 11. (egyesületi cím), 2030 Érd, Hungary



Email: imrerumi@gmail.com

Website: http://magyarzarandokut.hu/


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