Little Eye Clinic was founded back in 1995 and is a pioneering private practice consulting room in Novi Sad. It offers services in diagnostics and treatment of both children and adult eye diseases, as well as visual imparity and strabismus.
Our 10-year-long partnership with Miloš Clinic in Belgrade provides our patients with the best possible treatment and service in the shortest possible time, even when eye surgery is needed.
Apart from the clinic, there is also Little Optician Shop offering an array of prescription glasses and eyeglasses, and employing a team of experts willing to give advice regarding antireflective coating for eyeglasses and the choice of design of all world brands: Pol optic, HOYA, OKM, Essilor, ZEISS etc.

• Eye examination for adults
• Determining diopter correction
• Glaucoma diagnostics and treatment
• Comprehensive diagnostics (bio microscope examination, IOT measurement (eye pressure), fundus examination (eye bottom)) and conservative treatment of all eye diseases
• Diabetes-caused eye diseases (diabetes retinopathy)
• Cornea changes
• Eye inflammation (iridocyklitis)
• Eye bottom changes
• Eye bottom examination at the request of a cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist
• Unblocking tear ducts
• Minor eye surgery with the application of local anesthetics (MES)
• Child ophthalmology and strabismus
• General check-ups for private kindergartens and pre-school institutions
• Contact lenses
• Contact lenses fitting
• Corporate check-ups of employees working with computers

Location: 16 Bulevar Slobodana Jovanovića, 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: 021/402-244





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