Healthmedic Polyclinic was founded in 2017 and its medical staff have been working hard and diligently in taking care of their patients’ health and wellbeing. Upon founding the polyclinic, the primary goal was to offer the highest specialist service and comfort for the patients as well as for them to be satisfied with the offer, check-ups and prices. Healthmedic Polyclinic has currently got 20 different wards, employing 80 renowned medical specialists in different fields. Our staff comprises leading experts in different fields. We offer top-notch services based on the contemporary world standards in diagnostics, treatment and prevention. Every patient can get a number of different specialist examinations in one place in one day.
We offer examinations in the following fields: total ultra sound diagnostics of children and adults, digital mammography, breast and soft tissue biopsy, gynecology, cardiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, and aesthetic medicine.
The hospital is located in Novi Sad and was founded in 2019. It consists of a surgical ward comprising two comfortable operating theatres equipped with the most modern surgical apparatuses, one of which is for laparoscopic surgery, an intensive care ward and a general care ward.
Surgeries are performed by a team of the most renowned experts operating on the most modern and the most prestigious medical equipment. Our staff continuously develop their professional skills in order to achieve the highest standards in medical services. During post-surgical treatment the patients are accommodated in the comfortable ambience of our hospital, being constantly surveyed by our staff.
We offer surgery in the following fields: breast surgery, thyroid gland surgery, abdominal surgery, aesthetic surgery, gynecological surgery.

Location: 73a Narodnog fronta St. 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: 021 301 304 3
064 645 322 5





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