– Creating a life is a delicate job, but also one of the most beautiful and most humane fields in medicine. Even after all these years of experience, the job still fascinates me! – says Zorica Crnogorac, MD, the owner of “Genesis” Hospital in Novi Sad and one of the Serbian leading experts in treatment of infertility.
More than 3,000 couples support the doctor’s moto. They have all been treated by original “Genesis” personalized IVF concept and, after years of treatments, have become parents.
The result of the abovementioned concept is such that the “Genesis” family now counts around 4,000 babies.
Having the above 60% performance, the hospital has been a synonym for innovation in human reproduction in the area of Southeast Europe for 14 years. Its team of medical experts includes specialists from Hungary, Holland, Spain, and Austria.
The most renowned European genetics laboratory, “IGENOMIX” from Spain, has chosen “Genesis” to be the first institution to introduce revolutionary analyses in genetics in the area of Southeast Europe. These analyses help increase IVF performance by 75% and increases the health conditions of embryos. Even the most challenging category of patients, namely women above the age of 40, show significant improvement.
The mentioned high percentage in the performance of IVF is what brings an ever increasing number of foreign patients to our hospital.
“Genesis” Specialist Gynecological Hospital has taken part in the National IVF Program funded by the Serbian Health Insurance Fund since 2009. The hospital has also taken part in the IVF Program funded by the Government of the AP Vojvodina as well as a few local self-government.
The most worthy recommendation for doctor Crnogorac and her team is the one given by their patients: “You enter “Genesis” as a couple, and you exit it as parents.”

Location: 4 Uroša Predića St. 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: + 381 21 549 444
+ 381 21 549 777


Email: bolnica@genesis.rs

Website: http://www.genesis.rs/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SgbGenesis/

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