An island of health

You are what you eat, as the saying goes, and really: what we eat day by day basically determines our health and our lifetime. This motto drives the biogrowers of Fülöpjakab, the county stewards of naturalness and health, thanks to whom Bács-Kiskun county is visible on the biofood map on an international level. Visitors can choose from a broad selection of tasty vegetables rich in vitamins and free from chemicals, and products free from additives. The high standard of work done by the biogrowers of Fülöpjakab is also demonstrated by the fact that both have won the title of “biofarmer of the year”.

Location: Biogomba Farm: Tanya 628. 6116 Fülöpjakab, Hungary
Nemes Ökogazdaság: Tanya 630, 6116 Fülöpjakab, Hungary

Phone: +36 20 587 4121
+ 36 70 586 0667





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