Džinić Medical Eye Centre is a 30-year long tradition family company that specializes in medical care in the field of ophthalmology and in optical aids construction. The company comprises two units: one Specialist Hospital for Ophthalmology and Optometry based in Novi Sad, 34 Vršačka St. and four optician stores based in Novi Sad (Dunavska St.), Ruma, Inđija, and Bačka Palanka.

Highly educated staff together with the application of modern equipment in ophthalmology and optical aids construction comprise a unity that can successfully solve or alleviate almost all eye diseases in one place.

Specialist Hospital “Prof. Dr Džinić” specializes in medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases of both children and adults. It is organized as a hospital for one-day surgical intervention, but in case of need there is capacity for longer stay of patients. Apart from providing overall diagnostics, laser treatment, surgical treatment of cataracts, glaucoms and eyelids, our hospital stands out for the surgery of eye bottom (vitreo-retinal surgery). We are the only institution in Vojvodina to successfully provide treatment of retina ablation, diabetes-caused eye changes and surgery of macula. These surgical procedures are performed with the application of local anesthetics with minimal cut, without stitches, as a one-day surgical intervention. The most complex surgery can be performed in the shortest possible period and, if necessary, out of the standard working hours.

Location: 34 Vršačka St. , 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)21/520-961, +381 (0)21/500-490, +381 (0)21/63-958-25
Mob: +381 (0)63/505-520, +381 (0)63/590-963, +381 (0)63/518-8


Email: office@dzinic.rs

Website: https://www.dzinic.rs/


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