Our services include:
Comprehensive medical therapy for children and adults – including homeopathy, psychology, hematology, internal medicine, cardiology, radiology, etc.
General Dentistry – including advice on oral hygiene, triage to identify any conditions of the mouth cavity and the treatment of those, such as the removal of soft and solid scale, whitening, filling, extraction and root canal treatment.
Preventative Dentistry – we consider children and pregnant women to be particularly important patients and we have extensive experience in dealing with the special needs of these categories.
Dental Prosthetics – with some emphasis on fixed prosthetics restorations, Metal- ceramic crown on steel alloy and platina-gold alloy, Non-metal Zircon oxide base.
Dental Implant therapy requires in-depth analysis and work. Each patient is considered with utmost care and through consultancy with both domestic and international experts in different medical fields. All work is done in line with the recommendations of the European Implantology Association BDIZ EDI as well as the Council of European Dentists.
3D Radiological Diagnostics the new generation CBCT-Cone Beam Computer Tomography Scanora 3Dx, used for diagnostic and planning of complex implant procedures, with the largest field of view and the smallest possible radiation is use. For evaluation of general conditions of teeth and bone structures of jaw and face, we use digital 3D and 2D Ortopantomografy.
Medical-dental tourism is a growing area in a globalized economy. We provide an excellent service to patients from across Europe and further providing an opportunity for patents to discover Novi Sad and Vojvodina, a truly beautiful part of the world.

Gastronomy, dentistry, art …CHEERS!

Location: 5 Skerlićeva St. 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: +381 63 421 300
+381 21 421 896


Email: zoomar@eunet.rs

Website: http://www.ussiedi.com


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