Consilium Polyclinic is a medical institution boasting a 25-year long tradition. Our primary focus is our devotion to patients and to current medical and technical-scientific achievements in the field of diagnostics and treatment. Even though our doctors are renowned for their expertise, their primary qualities are their humanity and warmth towards patients.

Alongside the quality of service and meticulous care for patients’ wellbeing, we pay special attention to educating the public on preventive healthcare, especially regarding cancer diseases. For the purpose of such education we conduct different research, organize different actions for free examination on certain important dates, as well as write texts prescribing preventive healthcare measures.

We organize specific and general check-ups for individuals, companies and organizations.

Consulting rooms in the Polyclinic:
– Gynaecology
– Radiology
– Internal medicine (endocrinology, gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology, haematology, immunology, rheumatology)
– Otorhinolaryngology (ORL)
– Surgery, aesthetic medicine and dermatology
– Breast cancer treatment centre – diagnosis (ultrasound, digital mammography), biopsy and surgical intervention
– Thyroid gland treatment centre – laboratory, TSH, examination, ultrasound, gland punction, calcitonin, surgical intervention and post-surgical treatment.

Location: 21 Vršačka St. 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone: 065 6196910
021 426488





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