Rusanda Spa is located in the village of Melenci, at the side of Rusanda Lake which it derives its name from. It is 16km away from Zrenjanin, along the Zrenjanin-Kikinda road. It is 90km away from Belgrade, 60km away from Novi Sad, and 110km away from Subotica (travelling across Bačka Topola).
Rusanda Spa is the only active spa in Banat. Since its founding in 1867 it has had the tradition of heling based on mineral pelloids (clay) from Rusanda Lake, one of the most healing lakes in Serbia. Rusanda Lake covers the surface of 4 square kilometres. Its bottom is covered in non-organic clay, very pure in contents, and of sulphur-hydrogen smell. Lake water is similar to sea water, it is salty and alkaline. The water used for hydro-therapeutic purposes is thermal mineral water categorised as sodium hydrogen carbonate sulphide hydrothermal.

Conditions that can be treated in Rusanda Spa medical rehabilitation are as follows: central and peripheral nervous system diseases, musculoskeletal system injuries, blood vessel diseases, paediatric deformities, inflammatory rheumatism in degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis and spondylosis), non-joint rheumatism and metabolic rheumatism, discopathy,  lumboischialgia, rheumatism consequences, post-trauma and post-operational conditions in musculoskeletal system, dermatological diseases (psoriasis, chronic eczema, acne, etc.), gynaecological diseases (chronic non-specific gynaecological diseases and infertility), medical rehabilitation. The rehabilitation process is a team work based on application of different diagnostic and therapeutic procedures: kinesiotherapy, hydro-kinesiotherapy (therapeutic pool), underwater massage, galvanic bathtub, local and interchangeable baths, mineral water, work therapy (fun and functional), electrotherapy (galvanization, EF of medicines, diadynamic currents, interfering currents, electrostimulation KTD), phototherapy (IR, ultraviolet), ultrasound therapy, paraffin oil therapy, pelloid therapy (full and localised baths, clay compresses, EF of pelloids), speech therapy, neuropsychological rehabilitation, acupuncture, laser and magnetic therapy, vasculator.

Medical treatment can be provided in examination rooms or in the spa hospital. The capacity of the hospital is 400 beds in a few buildings. Two pavilions are hotel-type and offer mostly double or three-bed rooms, even though some rooms are single. There is a bathroom comprising a shower and there are a phone and TV set in every room.

Location: bb Banja Rusanda, 23270 Melenci, Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)23 731 050

Fax: +381 (0)23 731 075




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