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Kanjiža Spa is a medical center that provides both ambulance and hospital medical rehabilitation. It provides medical care for patients suffering from the following illnesses: inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism (joint and non-joint), locomotor apparatus post-trauma conditions, locomotor apparatus post-surgery conditions, central and peripheral nervous system diseases, child rehabilitation. Medical rehabilitation is provided under constant suppervision of a team of medical specialists applying the principles of contemporary medical practice and natural healing resources – thermal mineral water and pelloid (mineral clay).

Kanjiža Spa medical specialists apply the procedures of local and general balneotherapy. Kanjiža Spa boasts to be the only spa in Serbia applying the procedures of underwater spinal cord extension. Underwater traction bath is a complex balneo-physical therapy invented by a Hungarian balneologist, Dr. Karoly Moll (Heviz Spa, 1953). This therapy has been applied in Kanjiža Spa since 1979. It has been an unchallengeable conservative management of patients suffering from degenerative diseases of cervical and lumbar spinal regions, which results in diminishing the existing symptoms alongside improving the functional body fitness and overall life quality. Furthermore, the following procedures are applied: pelloid therapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, light therapy, sonotherapy, different methods of manual massage, vacusac therapy, kinesiotherapy, as well as the most recent electrotherapy methods – horizontal electrotherapy and T-Care pain therapy.

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Location: bb Narodni park, 24 420 Kanjiža, Serbia

Phone: Switchboard: (+381) 024 875 163
Booking: 024 875 357, 064 / 81 89 335
Marketing: 024 874 725


Email: direktor@banja-kanjiza.com

Website: http://banja-kanjiza.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SbrBanjaKanjiza/

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