Health Tour Project: A study trip to a few of Serbia’s numerous spas

It is a well-known fact that there are a lot of spas in the Republic of Serbia. This time Health Tour Project team took a study trip to a few of them. From November 13th to November 15th 2020, Educons University Experts Team visited the spas of Serbia with the aim of observing the examples […]

Health Tour Project: A study trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina (The Republic of Srpska)

A study trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina (The Republic of Srpska) was carried out from November 3rd to November 5th 2020. Educons University Experts Team visited the Republic ofSrpska with the aim of observing the examples of good practice within health tourism. During the three-day trip, the team members visited the following spas and cultural-historical […]

Health Tour Project: A study trip around Vojvodina for journalists

Health tourist offer of the Serbian-Hungarian border region has been presented to the regional journalists within Health Tour Project. The study trip has been organized by the Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-government. The Secretariat has hosted the trip for journalists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and southern Serbia. The study […]


The 12th International Festival of Tourism and Environmental Film SILVER LAKE TOURFILM FESTIVAL – SILAFEST was organized in Serbia (Veliko Gradište) in the chain of International Committee of the Tourism Films Festival – CIFFT. This year the festival took online format (Aug 30 – Sept 5) becoming one among few traditional tourist and film events […]

Junaković Spa – your place in the Pannonian Sea!

SPECIALIST REHABILITATION HOSPITAL “JUNAKOVIĆ” APATIN – Located at the edge of a beautiful Park wood, in vicinity of Apatin and the Danube, Junaković Spa is a true paradise of serenity and recreation, nature and healing water. The first thermal springs were discovered in 1913, and laboratory examinations have proved their healing capacity. Regarding the quality […]


The European Spas Association – ESPA, encircling the leading European spa and medical associations, clusters and centers from 21 different countries including Serbia, warns HEALT, WELLNESS and SPA centers that they have to be prepared for the current conditions offering new solutions. They have to prove that they offer safe surroundings, strict hygiene controls, sanitary […]

“ST Medicina“ Polyclinic recommends regular check-ups

We have organized multidisciplinary health care for our patients by offering check-up packages as well as individual specialist examinations. The purpose of such an approach is to discover, control and treat any pathological condition. We have enlarged our physical medicine and rehabilitation capacities by using both top-notch equipment and most modern methods in kinesiotherapy that […]


“Re-open EU” is a new internet platform established by European Commission offering practical information in 24 official EU languages on topics such as tourist offers, travelling restrictions, country borders, health and safety measures regarding physical distancing and socializing, available means of transportation, number of people allowed in a place, working hours of cultural-historical sights, churches […]


No matter how much money or time you can spend, whether you like cultural sights, nature, history, good food, adrenaline sports, good beer, high-quality wine or gastronomy, or you dream of cruises, visiting fairy-tale castles, quiet Vojvodinian farms, islands where you can walk alongside planes inhabited by wild horses, this text will inspire you and […]


Under the slogan “Summer in Kanjiža Spa”, SRH “Kanjiža Spa” has reopened for guests offering new package tours named “ULTRA LAST MINUTE health package” and “WEEKEND BO day”. The Spa has given support to the Republic of Serbia Government measures regarding the acceptance of tourist vouchers and application of all health measures. (For more information […]

Announcement – reopening – Fruške Terme

Dear guests, “Fruške Terme” hotel will accept bookings starting from May 18th 2020. The bookings will refer to the period from July 1st 2020 when the hotel and its featured facilities will reopen (for more information visit:

Get to know vojvodina: “Vojvodina lifestyle“ promotional video

Since the current epidemic situation prevents you from travelling, Tourist Organization of Vojvodina has created a promotional video for you in order to inspire some of your future travels. (for more information visit:

Health-Tourist Offer

Special Rehabilitation Hospital “Kanjiža Spa”, as most other spa centres in Serbia, was closed during Corona virus pandemic. It reopened on May 11th 2020. Compliant with current health safety regulations, “Kanjiža Spa” invites all guests to follow its activities and news on social networks and its internet site. The guests are invited to book the […]

Calm after the storm

Although our countrymen are very disciplined in following the measures made necessary by coronavirus, we all can’t wait to escape the four walls and make trips with our loved ones again. Freedom and nature became treasures; treasures, that Bács-Kiskun county and Vojvodina provides best in their full beauty in Central-Europe. When the current measures are […]

The home of physical and mental relaxation

In hard time it is just natural that we wish to relax and need to rest to take on challenges with renewed strength. Bács-Kiskun county and Vojvodina are full of places that can “recharge our batteries” within days. Such is the Kiskunság National Park, the jewel of the Great Plains which, in addition to its […]

What does health tourism mean in the region?

Our health is to be treasured – this sentiment is probably shared by everyone. It is also likely that among our acquaintances most people like to travel and explore new places. If we choose our travel destination well, we can relax and be health conscious at the same time: spas and wellness hotels offer not […]

The health tourism and marketing strategy is finished

Thanks to the tireless work of our experts, the development directions and goals of health tourism have been finalized. The target group analysis describes the health tourism service providers and touristic demand of Bács-Kiskun and Vojvodina and determines the development directions and goals of health tourism for the next period. The health tourism strategy, in […]

Health Tour Project presented at Budapest Tourism Fair

HEALTH TOURISM – GOOD TOURISM, Joint Development of Medical and Health Tourism in the HU-SRB Cross-Border Region was presented at the 43rd International Tourism Fair “UTAZAS 2020” in Budapest. From February 27th to March 1st 2020 all the interested visitors were given information on the project as well as medical and health tourism in the […]

Health Tour Project presented at Belgrade International Tourism Fair and Stuttgart Tourism Fair

Stuttgart and Belgrade tourism fairs have been visited within Health Tour Project (HEALTH TOURISM – GOOD TOURISM, Joint Development of Medical and Health Tourism in the HU-SRB Cross-Border Region). There was a specific stand displaying Hungary and Serbia’s common Health Tour Project at “Golf- & WellnessReisen”, a well-visited fair held from 16th – 19th January […]

Publications for within and beyond the borders

A three-language publication and health tourism map are being made to showcase the medical, wellness and healthcare services Bács-Kiskun County and Vojvodina provide; to be distributed in international fairs, touristic bureaus and events. In addition to these, publications specifically for domestic tourists are also made on both sides of the border in Hungarian and in […]

Prve terme u Srbiji, Fruške terme

“Fruške terme” predstavljaju prvi luksuzni hotelski kompleks u Srbiji koji objedinjuje devet termalnih bazena, najsavremenije konferencijske sale, SPA & Wellness Centar i medicinski blok. Bazeni su građeni po visokim standardima, od inoksa koje pravi austrijska kompanija i oni su prvi bazeni ovog tipa u Srbiji. Termalni spa centar se prostire na 7500 m2 i sastoji […]

Wellness turizam zasnovan na kulturnom nasleđu

Klaster zdravstvenog, wellness i spa turizma Srbije, član Evropskog udruženja banja (ESPA), organizovao je u Beogradu (22.10.2019., hotel Holiday Inn) 10. CEI REGIONALNI FORUM WELLNESS&SPA INDUSTRIJE. Glavna tema Foruma, koji je CEI (Central European Initiative) 2014.godine uvrstio u svojih pet najboljih projekata, a sada se već deseti put bavio tradicijom i wellness i spa konceptima, […]

III međunarodni Wellness & SPA Fest

III međunarodni Wellness & SPA Fest održan je 9. Novembra 2019.godine, u hotelu Metropol Palace u Beogradu. Festival je pod visokim pokroviteljstvom Ministarstva trgovine, turizma i telekomunikacija Republike Srbije, a u organizaciji kreativnog tima Turističkog Sveta i Wellness Akademije Peđa Filipović. (Izvor i više otome na:–spa-fest–prisustvujte-susretu-wellness-carobnjaka-i-pravih-hedonista.html)

“Minaqua” uskoro nudi i plivanje u mineralizovanoj termalnoj vodi

“Minaqua” će uskoro u svoju ponudu uključiti i savremeni spa centar, modernog sadržaja, sa mineralizovanom termalnom vodom, kontrolisane temperature i vlage vazduha. Mineralizovana termalna voda, koja se nalazi u bazenu spa centra, dolazi sa dubine od 193 metara i izvire na temperaturi od 27°C. Jedina je voda na ovim prostorima bogata jodom. Kao takva, predstavlja […]

Zdravstveni turizam sve popularniji, pomoć i od “Er Srbije”

Jeftine i kvalitetne zdravstvene usluge su razlozi zbog kojih Srbiju godišnje poseti oko 100.000 ljudi. Ubuduće, u promociju zdravstvenog turizma uključiće se i nacionalna avio-kompanija. Nacionalna avio-kompanija “Er Srbija” pružiće posebne pogodnosti za “zdravstvene turiste”. Ministar zdravlja Zlatibor Lončar je naveo da se “Er Srbija” obavezala da će svima koji dolaze iz inostranstva u neku […]

We present our health tourism values soon!

Publications under construction Dozens of internationally competitive medical-, healthcare- and wellness service providers operate in Bács-Kiskun County and Vojvodina. They have been successful in their fields for a long time, and now through shared marketing and advertising they can make their products and services even more popular. We give the opportunity for service providers to […]

The research is in progress

The Health Tour project places a great emphasis to map the health tourism market of the county through personal meetings. Three different research methods are employed in these weeks: a large number of tourists are approached with questionnaires; successful entrepreneurs are interviewed and backcasting workshops are organized with stakeholders to define the results to be […]

Strengthening the market

Bács-Kiskun County Municipal Government and Vojvodina Provincial Regional Development, Regional Cooperation and Municipal Government Secretariat are determined to plan and execute every development of the project to efficiently help local service providers and to fulfil every demand of the local and international guests in Bács-Kiskun and Vojvodina. The key to successful health tourism development is […]

Work begins for Hungarian-Serbian health tourism workgroup

When we think of the possible services when we hear “health tourism”, the ideas just keep coming. From spas to dentistry or even pilgrimages, countless services and activities can belong here; and if we consider that the health tourism project that is the basis of this site reaches all of Bács-Kiskun County and even Vojvodina […]

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