About Project

Project summary:

The main objective of the project HEALTH-TOUR is to improve the border region’s economy by attracting a higher number of tourists from the neighbouring Central European countries for longer stays through joint development of tourism based on health, medical and therapeutic tourism potentials of the Hungary-Serbia border region, the Interreg-IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia Programme Area.

Health and medical tourism capacities of the border region are excellent. On one hand, these capacities are based on the high thermal geological resources and, accordingly, the rich capital of mineral water and long tradition of utilizing it for therapeutic purposes. On the other hand, they are based on the high standard of medical training and availability of a certain type of high-quality medical services for significantly lower prices than in other countries – suitable for the development of medical tourism in the border region.

Despite the existing capacities, the region still suffers from low occupancy, e.g. under-utilization of available capacities, for several reasons:

  1. insufficient market and capacity research
  2. low intensity of uniform branding and efficient marketing activities
  3. lack of sufficient health and medical tourism development strategy
  4. the need for infrastructural development

The project contributes to solving these problems by:

  1. development of an integrated marketing strategy and action plan for health and medical tourism with adequate marketing tools for the Hungary-Serbia border region
  2. joint representation of an integrated identity and marketing image of the Hungary-Serbia border region and its health and medical tourism potentials at tourism fairs and project events inside and outside of the programme area
  3. cross-border transfer of know-how between Hungary and Serbia regarding proposal development for improving medical tourism in the border region
  4. design of Development Concept and Development plans to contribute to the joint sustainable development of health, medical and balneal therapeutic tourism potentials and capacities of the border area

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